National Air Mail Week 85th Anniversary

Earle Sandt Air Mail Envelope
Earle Sandt Air Mail commemorative envelope
Larry Anthony hand-cancelled airmail envelopes
Larry Anthony hand-cancels the commemorative air mail envelopes

May 19, 2023 marked the 85th anniversary of National Air Mail Week. To mark the anniversary, JCHC took a small quantity of original 1938 envelopes from our Archives and affixed the original Air Mail stamp. JCHC Board member, Larry Anthony, a US Postal Service employee in Brookville,  hand cancelled each envelope with the May 19, 2023 date. These commemorative envelopes are now available for sale in the JCHC gift shop.

Below is a sidebar from Paul Beck’s “Earle of the Air” that describes Brookville’s part in the celebration. To learn more about Earle Sandt, visit our gift shop online or at the History Center and pick up Beck’s biographical work on this aviation pioneer.

Air mail sidebar from Earle Sandt book
Excerpt from Paul Beck's "Earle of the Air"