At the Jefferson County Historical Society, we have a variety of avenues to get our message out. Social media, news outlets, word of mouth, and publications are just a few common sources. We have two main print pieces distributed each year to our members filled with updates, highlights, recent happenings, events, and more.

Jeffersonian Journal

The Jeffersonian Journal is published once a year. Subscription is by membership in the Jefferson County Historical Society. There is an open invitation to aspiring authors to submit an article on some aspect of Jefferson County history to be featured in our peer-reviewed publication. Manuscripts should be submitted to the editor in accordance with the Submission Guidelines by August 15. 

 Contact klyons-[email protected] 

Jeffersonian Newsletter

The JCHS publishes and distributes the Jeffersonian newsletter to all members four times per year – January, May, August, and November. This publication focuses on upcoming events, news, and a peek to see what we are up to.

We encourage members to contribute articles, news and stories. For more information, contact Editor Kat Lyons [email protected].

Jeffersonian Newsletters

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