Ken Burkett: Recipient of Lifetime Achievement Award

Kenneth Burkett Is Recipient of Society for PA Archaeology (SPA) 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award

Ken is JCHC Executive Director, SPA Treasurer, SPA North Fork Chapter 29 Treasurer and past President, and life-long archaeologist form a young age. He is a Carnegie Field Associate and a SPA member since 1983. Significant excavations and publications include: A 1975 discovery of a Native American burial at Pinnacle Rock, Elk County, now housed at Carnegie; the Fishbasket complex of six Late Woodland sites along the Allegheny River near Alcoa, which established a new cultural group; and his work on the Parker Landing Petroglyph site. He is also the current lead in the SPA for establishing State Historic Markers for archaeological sites.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is an exemplary award bestowed upon a professional archaeologist, a professional in a closely related science, an avocational archaeologist who has exhibited an outstanding record of contributions to the field of archaeology in Pennsylvania, or a non-archaeologist who has helped the SPA achieve its mission through a life-time of dedication and service in a supportive role. A nominee should have 1) at least 20 years of outstanding service in support of archaeology in Pennsylvania, 2) have been a member of the State SPA (not just a local chapter) for the same amount of time, and 3) be an exemplary supporter of the mission of the SPA.

The award was announced during the dinner banquet at the SPA Annual Meeting in Ligonier on April 9, 2022 and was a complete surprise to Ken. His long-time mentor, Dr. Stan Lance, also a retired Carnegie Museum Archaeologist, (who is now 92), whom Ken worked with on a number of significant projects, nominated Ken for this award.  Dr. Paul Nevin, Director Susquehanna National Heritage Area, presented the award to Ken.