4th Grade at JCHS Scripture Rocks Heritage Park

This is the second year we hosted the Hickory Grove 4th Grade class at the Park on Monday, May 23rd. Some 120 students had a great time at five different stations throughout the Park. The students always have lots of great questions and lots of energy climbing on the biggest boulders.

Presentations were made by Board Members, JCHC Staff and area professionals. Christina Shrewsbury lent her talents as a singer and musician to entertain the students; Jessica Pierce, Dept. Conservation & Natural Resources Forester from Butler led the Forest Trees Tour; Ken Burkett (Staff) manned the Native American Rockshelter, complete with authentic artifacts; Board members Eric Armstrong and Ron Shrewsbury led “The Rocks” Tour, telling the story of Douglas Stahlman, the engraver of the boulders; and Kat Lyons (Staff) led the Native Plant – Pollinator Pond presentation.

They learn some history through Christina’s songs of Civil War era days; they hear how Stahlman engraved the boulders and why; they learn about different species of trees, past lumbering and subsequent conservation efforts; they are captivated by the Native American artifacts and how they lived; and the pond critters always steal the show at the Pollinator/Pond Habitat. Kids love tadpoles, frogs and salamanders!  We can’t wait to receive their thank-you cards and what they liked best at the Park.

We look forward to next year’s class and we invite any area or regional schools or organizations who would like a similar Environmental and Cultural History Education Program to contact us to arrange for a presentation.  Call us at 814-849-0077, or visit us online at jchconline.org or scripturerocks.com, or drop in to see us at the History Center at 172-176 Main St., Brookville. We are also on facebook and Instagram.com/jchconline!