105th Bowdish Birthday Bash and Premiere of New Exhibits

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, we celebrated the 105th Bowdish Birthday Bash. We had great attendance with a steady flow of visitors throughout the day. 

The model trains and animated miniatures came alive for a few hours, delighting young and old alike as they followed the trains through town and tunnels and observed the tiny townspeople as they bustled about.

We also premiered two new exhibits: the newly re-designed KidSpace Gallery and the 105th PA Volunteer Infantry Regiment display in the Grand Hall.

KidSpace now features more than a dozen new displays on optical illusions. From the bottomless pit illusion rug to the “magic” levitating globe, kids of all ages crowded into the gallery to learn more about how different types of objects distort perspective and trick the eye.

The Grand Hall features a temporary exhibit showcasing portraits and artifacts from members of the 105th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. Many of these items come from the personal collection of Kenneth Burkett and have never been displayed in public before.