Date(s) - December 9, 2023
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Young and Old Kids Alike: Come see the magic of the old-fashioned Bowdish Christmas Show as your children’s and grand-children’s eyes light up and smiles abound. This was what an old-fashioned Christmas meant to Charles Bowdish, the original creator of the miniatures diorama. Come experience a Holiday Family Tradition!

Since Christmas 1919, families have been enjoying this show. Charlie had crowds lined up at his house every Christmas Season.  He kept count and by 1954, over 300,000 curious people had visited the Bowdish home for his Christmas Show.

Today, we have crowds lined up at the History center to take in the enchanting scenes. This 350 square foot layout has over 200 feet of track with 6 engines and there are over 100 animations – both people and their pets – scattered among the 50+ buildings and industry structures created from Jefferson County’s history.  The scenes not only portray businesses, residences, churches, theatres and dance halls, but also the lumbering, mining and agricultural industries of the county.

We will also have the Tommy Train running, with the ice skating rink, a favorite of the kids, and Santa’s Polar Express!!!