Hidden Treasure Escape Room

An escape room is an interactive and immersive game where a group of 2 – 6 players work together to discover clues, open locks, solve riddles, and complete brain teasers to solve the mystery and escape within 50 minutes. Teams are often made up of friends, coworkers, or even strangers.

The game begins with an introduction to the rules and details which areas/objects are not “in play”. Players must interact with the other team members with ideas, and things they may have found while trying to avoid red herrings. If the team gets stuck they are eligible for a clue to help direct them back onto the path. Required tasks could be lightly physical in nature, but require minimal strength or dexterity. They can sometimes be logic puzzles, pattern recognition, word association, or something obscure. As an example, in a previous year the players found a flag with bullet holes. They were later required to place the flag overtop a vintage map of Brookville and align the holes with letters on the map. If it was placed correctly the final answer was revealed. If placed incorrectly the word “flip” was found indicating to reverse the flag. Players have been required to do math, complete actual puzzles, and stick their hands into a fish tank.

The Brady-Craig building is the oldest standing building in Brookville (1840) and the perfect location for the Hidden Treasure Escape Room. An old miser from days gone by has recently passed and his most valuable treasure can be found in the creepy, creaky home. Years of ill-gotten gains from deceived victims have lined the pockets of this notorious figure from Brookville’s history.

Admission is $20 for Adults and $10 for Students. Under 14 must be accompanied by a parent. Advance registration required and can be made for groups of 2 – 6 by contacting the Jefferson County History Center at (814) 849-0077.